Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Once the young man looked up I had to say something. Silly me! I asked him what he was doing there. Perhaps he thought I was a ghost, because of my white dress.

I found out his name is Sasha, and he's in the composites. He's young, so not really a fully-fledged guard. We talked for a while. What a feeling! Talking to someone my parents and brother and sisters didn't know. I felt wicked—and free. But what am I saying? I was in the safety of the Peterhof gardens. Hardly very dangerous!

We said goodbye after only a short time. He says he'll come back so I can talk to him again. Will he? Will I dare see him? I don't know. We're so busy. But we'll be in Peterhof for a few weeks, so perhaps I'll have the chance.

This is very exciting for me!
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