Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doctors and other questions

With Alexei's illness and Mama's fragile health, doctors are a part of our everyday life. Dr. Botkin is our family doctor, and he cares mostly for Mama. The rest of us are in excellent health, except for the usual childhood illnesses, and when one of us gets them they go around all of us like a forest fire. Then we have nurses and Mama caring for us night and day.

Tatiana got typhoid a year or so ago and had to have her hair cut short, but she's fine now.

Alexei's doctor is Dr. Derevenko. He's practically a member of the family, he's here so often. He has a young son, Kolya, who Mama allows to play with Alexei, because he understands Alexei's illness and won't be too rough with him.

The only picture I have is of Dr. Botkin. I wish I had one of Kolya, he is a sweet boy.

Now I wonder what people really want to know about us? I could go on and on like this for days and days, telling stories and talking about my family. But what do you want to know? Please tell me!

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