Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We love animals

All of us. Mama, Papa, Alexei and all my sisters. We've had so many pets. Once a man came from Siberia with a pet sable, who was so beautiful we wanted to keep him. But once the man went away, the sable ran wild and messed all over the place. We gave him back. Dogs and cats were our pets from then on.

Alexei has a beautiful spaniel, called Joy. Here she is:

She is very sweet. She doesn't mess indoors very much, and when she does we clean it up quickly. She loves Alexei. When Alexei is ill, she stays in his room and mopes. Even when we offer her treats she won't touch them until Alexei is better and can give them to her himself.

Tatiana has a French bulldog called Ortino. Ortino has a lot of character. We tease him, I'm afraid, but he is devoted to Tatiana. Here he is, with Tatiana:

Mama's dog is a little mean and rather nippy. He chases people's feet and bites them. I don't like him much, but Mama does. His name is Wolf. Here are some of us all together, with my little cousins. Mama is holding Wolf.

I love our pets. They are part of our family, just like the rest of us.

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