Monday, January 18, 2010

Jewels and baubles

I've been told by a friend of mine—someone I'll tell you about later—that people think we run around dressed in jewels all day. Well, that's not at all true, and we wouldn't like it if we did! I have some official jewelry, but I almost never wear it. Madame Zanotti takes care of all the jewels for my mother and my sisters. When I turn 16 and come of age, I'll receive a pearl and diamond necklace, like Olga and Tatiana have already. And we wear pearls for our official portraits. Like this one:

When Mama attends state functions, she has to wear jewels that are very heavy. She says the crown gives her a headache. These are some of her crowns and jewels:

There is a portrait of Mama all dressed up that I like very much as well. She is beautiful. I only wish she were not so unhappy. She only smiles when Alexei is well and Papa is by her, or when Father Grigory comes to visit.

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