Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Oh, what to say about my sister Tatiana! She is my mother's favorite, perhaps because she looks most like her. She is very beautiful, and very capable. Tatiana always knows everything.

Once, when I was small, I threw a snowball at her. It wasn't an ordinary snowball. I thought I'd be funny and put a stone in the middle of it. I didn't know it would really hurt her. She had a concussion, but she was all right. I had to fetch her things for weeks afterwards. I didn't mind though, I felt so terrible.

Tatiana is always the one who organizes everything. When we used to have games together she was the one who picked the teams and decided the rules. Of course, I would always change them or ignore them and she'd get cross. But then I'd make her laugh.

This is Tatiana looking very spiritual:

We look like opposites. She has very dark hair, where mine is lighter. And she is very thin where I tend to be plump. (Mama says I'll grow out of it...)

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